This tablet has been nothing but trouble ever since I bought it, no wonder it was being sold off cheap !!!

It insists it's registered in US, and no matter how many times I delete and reregister, it still comes back the same, you are in America, you may visit Amazon UK, I am surprised it deigns to let me do that, consequently it refuses to accept any of my uk email, addresses or passwords.

Amazon have a complete monopoly on this machine, it rules over what you can watch, read,or download, all I wanted to do was install Dashlane on it, what a pig of a machine.

Take my advice, I am 74, and find it difficult enough in the first instance, but to deal with this machine, well, I wish I,d bought an Asus. don,t touch this machine with a bargepole.

Even to get onto and use this forum is a complicated piece of doubletalk, for instance why do I have to put a recipients name on it, why cant I just post it to the forum