I actually bought several of the entry level Kindle Fire devices to be used in my work.

But my work place is, well, complicated. I work at a very large nuclear power plant, and Bluetooth is not allowed to be brought in to the plant.
I tried to convince Engineering that my people were smart enough to not turn on the Bluetooth feature when entering the plant, but so far they say "What if one of them forgets or turns it on accidentally/ What if the radio frequency interference from Bluetooth has a bad effect on a safety system for the reactor?"

All valid fears, I suppose. Now, before you ask, "Well, what about the WiFi?" Engineering is OK with that, they spent a pile of money to evaluate WiFi and install it in the plant, so it is OK. But not Bluetooth. They have not evaluated that, and as we know, Engineers do no evaluate for free.

So, what I am looking for is some guidance: Is it possible to use the parental controls feature on my Fire(s) to disable the Bluetooth feature except by password? It does not look likely on first run through the parental control options, but there are often tricks and tip that skilled users might know.

Any aid is greatly appreciated.