Hi all

Glad to be part of this forum and hope I can both contribute and benefit.

I have had a Kindle E-reader almost from the introduction to UK but my wife decided she wanted something she could read books with but also do puzzles, keep up with the news and browse. This was about the time when the Fire was being introduced in the USA and we thought we would wait for it to become available in this country. Unfortunately the introduction was delayed (Due to problems creating the cloud I seem to remember) for quite some time and to satisfy my wife's requirements we decided to purchase an IPad 2. The Ipad did satisfy but obviously at a cost and is now showing signs of age and need for replacement. We are looking again at the Fire as a possible replacement and have loads of questions regarding the Fires suitability but those will be the subject of further posts.

Looking forward to the thoughts of you guys.

Best regards Ken.