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  1. New Amazon Fire Tablets
  2. [Rumor] Amazon May Be Gearing Up to Take On PayPal with New Payments Strategy
  3. Amazon May Launch Their 3D Smartphone June 18th; Uses 'Okao Vision' for 3D effects
  4. Mother's Day is Almost Here (Sunday, May 11th); Gift Ideas from Kindle-FireForum.com
  5. [Rumor] Final Amazon Smartphone Design Image & Specs Revealed
  6. Verizon May Soon Add Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 & 8.9 to Their Roster
  7. Amazon's Secret Smartphone Weapon isn't the Phone Itself; It's 'Prime Data'
  8. Amazon's 3D Smartphone Shows Up in Leaked Pictures
  9. [Deal Alert] Amazon Spring Sale for Kindle Fire HD and HDX Line of Tablets
  10. Amazon Announces Fire TV to Go Head to Head with Apple TV and Chromecast
  11. Amazon Prime's Price is Getting a Bump to $99 Starting Next Week
  12. Amazon Just Released the Kindle Fire OS 3.1
  13. Amazon Smartphone's 3D Real World Object Recognition Tech Detailed in Patent
  14. [Follow-Up] More Details Emerge on Possible HTC Kindle Phones
  15. Amazon Might Partner with HTC to Produce Kindle Phones
  16. [RUMOR] Amazon Working on Two Android Phones; a Budget Model & a 3D Flagship
  17. Full Breakdown of Amazon's New Forked Version of Android, Called 'Mojito'
  18. Amazon Officially Announces New Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Fire HDX Models
  19. Photos of Amazon's Next Generation Amazon Kindle-Fire HD Appear Online
  20. Amazon Denies it is Working on a Smartphone At All
  21. Benchmarks Confirm Earlier Rumor: Snapdragon 800 & 2,560 x 1,600 Display on Fire HD
  22. Full Specs for the Next Amazon Kindle Fire (non-HD) Detailed
  23. [Rumor] Amazon Working on Launching Their Own Android Gaming Console this Year
  24. [RUMOR] Full Specs Leak for Next Gen Kindle Fire HD Tablets; Snapdragon 800 & More
  25. Kindle Fire HD 2 Arriving in August with Metal Chassis
  26. Apple and Amazon End 'Appstore' Lawsuit
  27. Details Emerge on Next-Gen Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  28. Kindle-FireForum.com Wishes Everyone a Happy and Safe 4th!!
  29. Amazon Supposedly Developing Glasses-Free 3D Display
  30. Amazon Reportedly Bought EVI, Siri-like Voice Assistant App
  31. Updates Roll Out OTA for Amazon Kindle Fire (2nd-gen), and Kindle Fire HD 7" & 8.9"
  32. Amazon Launches X-Ray for TV; Helps You Find Actor Names & More
  33. [Rumor] Amazon's 4.7-inch Android Phone Ramps Into Production End of Q2
  34. Amazon's Android Smartphone Delayed for Further Testing but Should Come Later in 2013
  35. Amazon Now Taking Preorders for the 8.9-Inch Kindle Fire HD in Japan
  36. Localytics Study Says 33% of All Android Tablet Sales in US are Kindle Fire Products
  37. Amazon Slices $50 Bucks Off Kindle Fire HD 8.9 for Students Through January
  38. [Rumor] Foxconn Contracts to Build 5 Million Amazon Smartphones
  39. Mozilla Rallies Against ITU Governance of the Internet
  40. Amazon AppStore Usage Skyrockets 500% Over Last Year
  41. [Deal Alert] 8.9-Inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD $50 Bucks Off for TODAY ONLY!
  42. Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets to get Voice Guide and Explore by Touch early 2013
  43. [Rumor] Foxconn Plant Set to Build Microsoft and Amazon Mobile Phones
  44. Kindle-FireForum Would Like to Wish Everyone A Happy Thanksgiving!
  45. New Imagination Technologies PowerVR G6630 Will Be 60X Faster Than Anything Out
  46. Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Version Shipping Today with 4G Version Coming Next Week
  47. New Samsung Made Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet Detailed Specs & Pricing
  48. Google Launches New Nexus Line: Nexus 4, 32GB Nexus 7, Nexus 10 & Android 4.2
  49. Amazon Takes Direct Aim at iPad Mini With Kindle Fire HD Ad on Amazon's Homepage
  50. Amazon Confirms They Make No Direct Profit From Kindle Device Sales
  51. New Apple 'Camera' Patent Will Allow Remote Shutdown of Your Phone or its Features
  52. The Kindle Fire HD Already Accounts for 11% if Kindle Fire Web Traffic
  53. iFixit Performs Surgical Teardown on the Kindle Fire HD; Deemed an Easy Fix
  54. The 2nd-Gen Enhanced Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD Both Have Locked Bootloaders
  55. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7-Inch Officially Launched and Available Now
  56. Analysts Predict Amazon Might Sell as Many as 5 Million Kindle Fire HD Tabs This Year
  57. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Variants Pre-Order Page Links from Amazon
  58. Amazon Officially Announces New Tablets; 8.9" Kindle Fire HD & More
  59. Amazon Launches Teaser Promo for New Kindle Fire Before Big Announcement Today
  60. Amazon Developing a Dual-Display Kindle Tablet; E-Ink Back and Full-Color Front
  61. Amazon Just Announced That Their Kindle Fire Tablet is Sold Out Completely
  62. [Editorial] Now That Samsung Was Found Liable, What are the Potential Ramifications?
  63. Amazon Announces Their Own Press Event Scheduled Sept 6; Maybe the Next Kindle Fire?
  64. Amazon's Next Kindle May Have Slipped Stealthily Through the FCC
  65. Amazon's Kindle Fire Almost Equals iPad in New Customer Satisfaction Survey
  66. Life-Size Functional Mech Called the Karatas; Touch-Screen and 3G Phone Controllable
  67. Staples Exec Spills the Beans on 5-6 New Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets Coming
  68. As the Nexus 7 Launches and Rumors of an iPad Mini Swirl, 10-inch Kindle Fire Rumored
  69. Top 4 Fastest Growing Retailers in America: Amazon, VZW, Apple & AT&T; Apple NOT 1st
  70. [Rumor] Amazon's Next Kindle Fire May Already be Delayed
  71. The Amazon Kindle Fire Gets a Jelly Bean AOSP ROM
  72. [Rumor] KindleFire 2 To Hit Retail End of Q3; Slimmer Design and Higher Pixel Density
  73. [Rumor] Amazon Developing a Smartphone
  74. [Rumor] Amazon May Launch the Kindle Fire 2 as Early as August 7th
  75. Introducing the Nexus 7 Forum at NexusTablets.net
  76. [Rumor] Amazon's Next Kindle Fire Could be Announced July 31st
  77. Amazon Officially Launches Their Appstore in Europe
  78. [Rumor] Kindle Fire Prices May Soon Drop to Make Way for New Models in Q3
  79. The Kindle Fire Will be the First Android Tablet to Get HBO Go
  80. [Rumor] Amazon May Ditch 8.9" Kindle Fire Tablet Idea in Favor of Just a 10" Model
  81. New Yahoo! Survey Suggests 25% of Women are Willing to Give Up Sex for Their Tablet
  82. Kindle Fire Gets Updated to Version 6.3.1
  83. [Rumor] Target Clearing Out All Kindle Inventory Today: Kindle Fire for 30% Off
  84. Interested in the Galaxy S3? We have a forum for that!
  85. Amazon's Refurbished Kindle Fire for Only $139 deal is Back for a Limited Time!
  86. While walking down the sidewalk texting, you meet a Bear. What do you do?
  87. Amazon Officially Announces In-App Purchasing to Compete with Apple and Google
  88. NVIDIA CEO suggests we may see a $199 Tegra 3 tablet soon
  89. Amazon Has Gold Box Deal on Refurbished Kindle Fire Tablets: $139 limited time only
  90. [Rumor] Next-Gen Kindle Fire could be coming soon
  91. Official Google MWC app available in the Android Market
  92. [Rumor] Amazon May Be Working on 7-Inch Kindle Fire Successor and 9-Inch Version Too
  93. Amazon Kindle Fire Takes Direct Aim at iPad Pricing with New Commercial
  94. Amazon Kindle Fire Takes Top Spot for Android Tablets in Popularity
  95. Kindle Fire Update Brings Full-Screen Browsing & Breaks Root; BurritoRoot 2 Fixes It
  96. Amazon Lending Program for Kindle Sees 300,000 eBooks Lent Per Month
  97. Happy Holidays From the Staff!
  98. Kindle Fire Update Version 6.2.1 Detailed Further; Available Now
  99. Happy Holidays from Android
  100. Amazon Selling 1 Million+ Kindle Devices Each Week; Boosted By New Kindle Fire
  101. Hey Hey..Update Is On The Way!
  102. HTC Faces Possible Import Ban This December; Google's Android Could Be Next
  103. Androidland in Australia Takes Android to a Whole New Retail Experience Level
  104. U.S. Judge Denies Apple's Request to Ban Samsung Galaxy Sales
  105. Amazon Kindle Fire Gets CyanogenMod 7; Still Early and Rough, but Running
  106. Amazon Kindle Fire Posts Strong Black Friday Numbers
  107. Fire Has An Edge Over Nook Tablet
  108. Reviews Still Trickling In-TechCrunch
  109. Happy Thanksgiving!
  110. Analyst Predicts Amazon May Sell as Many as 12 Million Kindle Fires Next Year
  111. Kindle Fire Not Much of a Loss Leader After All...
  112. Method to Get Android Market Working On Your Kindle Fire Revealed
  113. Amazon's Kindle Fire Gets One-Click Root Access, 3rd Party App Install, & ADB Access
  114. Netflix Reveals New UI Experience for Android Tablets - Out Ahead of iPad Version
  115. Amazon Kindle Fire Shipping Out One Day Early
  116. [Rumor] Ice Cream Sandwich May Be Released on November 17th
  117. Amazon Increases Kindle Fire Orders From Manufacturer Due to High Demand
  118. Android and iOS Now 58% of U.S. Mobile Gaming - Now Kings of Portable Gaming
  119. Amazon Acquires 'Yap' in Order to Compete with Apple's Siri Voice App
  120. Kindle Fire will Feature 'Thousands' of Apps Including Netflix
  121. [Editorial] Could Apple's 'Siri' be More Significant than We Realize?
  122. [Rumor] Amazon's Next Android Tablet May be 8.9 Inches Instead of 10.1 Inches
  123. Apple Granted Slide-to-Unlock Screen Patent; Potentially Grim News for Android
  124. Analysts Predict Hot Holiday Sales Could Push Kindle Fire Sales to 5 Million in Q4
  125. Second Generation Kindle Fire Tablet Expected Second Half of 2012
  126. Kindle-FireForum.com Root & Honeycomb/ICS Bounty!
  127. Estimates Revised: Amazon May Sell more than 5M Kindle Fire Tablets during Q4
  128. Patent Trolls Already Targeting Amazon's Kindle Fire Tablet
  129. Marvel Comics Android App Now Available
  130. Barnes & Noble Throws Water on Kindle Fire, Pulls DC Graphic Novels from Shelves
  131. Official Shots Of Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0
  132. Amazon Developing In-App Purchasing for the Kindle Fire
  133. Market Analyst Suggests Android Tablet Makers Should Follow Amazon's Example
  134. Amazon Info Leak: Pre-Orders for Kindle Fire Exceeding 2,000 Units Per Hour
  135. Amazon Won't Take a Loss on Kindle Fire But Will Actually Make $50 Profit Says UBM
  136. Strategy Analytics Predicts Kindle Fire Tabs to Sell 15Million Units through 2013
  137. Amazon: The Kindle Fire Will Get Rooted
  138. Amazon Kindle Fire to Come with Amazon Silk Cloud-Accelerated Web-Browser
  139. Amazon Officially Unveils the 'Kindle Fire' Tablet for $200; Amazon Stocks Rise
  140. Features to Look for in Ice Cream Sandwich and the Future!
  141. Verizon Sides With Samsung Against Apple's Lawsuits
  142. Amazon Set to Debut the 'Kindle Fire' Tablet on Wednesday
  143. Welcome to the Amazon Kindle Fire Forum @ Kindle-FireForum.com
  144. Amazon Sets Press Event for Sept. 28; Maybe the Amazon Android Kindle Annoucement
  145. [Rumor] Google May be Planning to Become a Wireless Carrier; at least in EU
  146. New Android Market App, version 3.1.5, Available for Download
  147. Verizon's CEO Wants AT&T and T-Mobile Merger to Succeed
  148. MegaPad 23-Inch Homemade Android Tablet
  149. Amazon Kindle Sales Estimates Halved; Still Expected to become No.1 Android Tablet
  150. Qualcomm details next-gen 2.5GHz Snapdragon processors
  151. New Details Emerge in SEC Filing: Google Outbid itself Acquiring Motorola Mobility
  152. Despite Injunction German Retailers Allowed to Sell & Restock Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  153. Apple Succeeds in Getting Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Banned in Germany
  154. [Rumor] First Amazon Android Tablet will Not Be Full Android; Next Amazon Kindle
  155. [Rumor] Amazon's High-End Quad-Core Tablet 'Hollywood' May Launch Later than Expected
  156. U.S. Justice Department Files Complaint to Block Merger of AT&T and T-Mobile
  157. [Rumor] Amazon Android Tablet Coming in Sept/Oct Hundreds Cheaper than iPad2
  158. Samsung Compiled List of 27 Pics Doctored by Apple; Twitter Feed From Court Included!
  159. Google CEO Larry Page Comments on Motorola Purchase; So do HTC, Samsung & Others
  160. Android Takes 20% of Tablet Market From iPad; The Real Reason Apple is Lawsuit Happy
  161. "Ice Cream Sandwich" Android 4.0 Slated For October Release
  162. Flash Player for Android Gets New Security Update; Available Now
  163. Android Tablet Shipments Expected to Grow 134% in 2012
  164. [Rumor] Amazon Tablets Could Potentially Sell as 'Loss-Leaders'
  165. Potential Design Flaw in Android Could Allow Malware to Mimic Legitimate Apps
  166. Time Inc. To Debut Entire 21 Title Lineup on Tablets This Year
  167. [Editorial] Intellectual Property Wars; "The No-Win Scenario"
  168. Canalys Marketing Analysis: Android Now Makes Up 48% of World Smartphones
  169. Rumors are heating up!