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Kindle Fire Video Streaming Guide Part 1

This is a discussion on Kindle Fire Video Streaming Guide Part 1 within the Amazon Kindle Fire Video forums, part of the Amazon Kindle Fire Extras category; While the Kindle Fire is actually quite capable of playing video files at very high quality (way higher than what the screen is actually capable ...

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Thread: Kindle Fire Video Streaming Guide Part 1

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    Cool Kindle Fire Video Streaming Guide Part 1

    While the Kindle Fire is actually quite capable of playing video files at very high quality (way higher than what the screen is actually capable of displaying), there is a lot of talk on the web about the limited (8GB) storage space available. Adding to that a maximum file-size of 2GB per movie results in limited options to actually get HD content on it.

    But, if you stream your videos, video playback on the Kindle Fire become a lot better. You can of course upload your movie files to your Amazon Cloud, but that is quite time-intensive, and of course, with only 5GB available for free, you end up having to pay in order to store a nice collection of movies.

    This guide will show you how to setup your own “movie cloud” for your Kindle Fire. Using your own computer as a cloud-drive, you are only limited to the amount of space you have available. No file-size limitation on the Kindle Fire to deal with, and as a bonus, there is no actual file-transfer involved, leaving the full free space on the Kindle Fire available for other purposes.

    What you need:

    In order to build your own movie cloud, there are a few things you need.

    * Kindle Fire
    . While this guide addresses the Kindle Fire, it can actually be used for just about any tablet/smartphone device. As long as the device is capable of playing MP4 files, has wifi and has a web-browser. So if you want to build a movie cloud for an iPad, iPhone, Xoom, Galaxy Nexus, Playbook or even a Blackberry Torch this will work as well. Because this guide does not involve copying movies to your actual device, you do not need a USB cable to connect your device to your computer. Since the Kindle Fire doesn’t come with a USB data cable, you don’t have to go out and buy one.

    * Movies in MP4 format
    . The Kindle Fire prefers video files in h264 MP4 format, so in order for your movies to be accessible by it, you will have to have a collection of videos in this format already, or use a conversion tool such as DVD Catalyst 4 to convert the movies (and/or TV shows) you have on DVD, in MKV/AVI/M2TS format to make them playable.

    * Tools4movies’ DVD Catalyst 4
    . Because the MP4 Server application uses some files from DVD Catalyst 4, you will need to have that installed and started it at least once. The trial version is sufficient, but with DVD Catalyst 4 being one of the best DVD and video conversion apps for the Kindle Fire, picking up the retail version for only $10 is hard to pass up.

    * Tools4Movies’ MP4 Streaming Server
    (free). The application that runs, and provides access to your entire video collection located on your computer’s hard drive (or drives that are connected/mounted to your computer).

    Getting started:

    * Kindle Fire

    In order for your Kindle Fire to be able to access your own movie cloud, all it needs is a working WiFi connection on the same router as you have your computer connected to. No apps need to be downloaded, no codecs installed, just the build-in web-browser.

    *Movies in MP4 format

    The Kindle Fire has excellent video playback capabilities when it comes to MP4 files, so I just dug up a collection of movies I created for different devices. Some were created from DVD, others from Bluray (guide), Some done using the Kindle Fire profile, others using Kindle Fire HQXT, Xoom HQ1 or HQ2 etc. As you can tell from the screenshot above, there are some files that are larger than the 2GB file-size limit on the Kindle Fire, so copying those over directly will result in non-playable files, however, these same files play just fine if you stream them from your own movie cloud.

    If you do not have any videos in MP4 format, or if you tried them and they don’t work properly on your Kindle Fire, use DVD Catalyst to convert your movies. DVD Catalyst 4 has profiles for the Kindle Fire and will create video files that look and play perfect on it. For instructions, follow this guide and when you get to the point of copying the file over, come back to this guide to setup the streaming.

    * DVD Catalyst 4

    Because the program we created to run your movie cloud uses some small parts of DVD Catalyst 4, you will need to install DVD Catalyst on your computer. If you are already using DVD Catalyst 4, you are already setup, otherwise, you can download and install the trial version from here, or purchase the retail version using this link. The movie cloud program doesn’t care what actually created the MP4 files, so you don’t actually have to use DVD Catalyst for your conversions, but you do need to install it and run it at least once to make sure the files needed are in place. Do keep in mind that if you do use a program other than DVD Catalyst to create MP4 files for your Kindle Fire, and these files don’t play properly on it, streaming them will not make any difference.

    * MP4 Streaming Server

    The actual program that creates your own personal movie cloud. You can download it for free by using this link.

    • Download MP4 Streaming Server using the link above.
    • Open the downloaded zip file by double-clicking on it

    • Double-click on the “mp4ss_install” file.

    • Click through the installer. There is no spyware/malware/toolbars or anything, so just tap next-next etc.

    • At the last screen, remove the 2 checkmarks. If you leave the “Run …” enabled, you might experience a complication with adding files. Because the installer runs with certain permissions, things like Drag&Drop will not function properly.

    • After install, you will have a shortcut for MP4 Streaming Server on your desktop. Double-click on that to start the program.

    If you do not have DVD Catalyst 4 installed, or, if you did install it but did not run it just once, MP4 Streaming Server will display a message and not start.

    If you see this message, just start DVD Catalyst 4 once trial or retail is enough) to make sure the files MP4 Streaming Server needs are in the proper location.

    Then start MP4 Server again.

    If you run MP4 Streaming Server for the first time, it will ask you if it should search for movies on your computer. Personally I prefer to manually select the movies and shows I want, so I click “No”.

    When I created this app, I made it look and work a bit like Apple’s iTunes because originally I created the MP4 Streaming Server app to let me access my full movie collection wirelessly on my iPod Touch. Rather than having to connect it to my pc to fill it up, this way I had access to 100′s of movies and tv shows.


    With the requirements taken care off, and MP4 Streaming Server installed and running, all we need to do is add some content to it, and access the content on the Kindle Fire.

    * Use Windows Explorer/My Computer to browse to your MP4 video file collection:

    * Organize the windows a little so you can see both your collection and MP4 Streaming Server:

    * Now just drag the movies you want over from your folder to MP4 Streaming Server. To select more than one movie at a time, hold down the ctrl key while left-clicking (once) on the video to select it.

    If you want, you can organize your videos in playlists by just selecting the ones you want and dragging them over to the right side:

    (doubleclick on “Playlist 1″ to rename it to what you desire)

    When you have your content added, and if desired, organized your collection in playlists, tap on the gren globe button on the bottom right corner:

    and that is it for setting up your movie cloud.

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    Accessing Streaming Movies

    Accessing your cloud:

    When you clicked on the green globe button in the MP4 Streaming Server app, you might have noticed the complicated-looking http:// part that appears next to it. This is what you need to access your movie collection. If you tap on it, it will open your webbrowser:

    From here you can visit the different sections and playlists you might have used to organize your collection.

    To access the content on your Kindle Fire, just type that link into its webbrowser.

    In my case it is, but this is very likely to be different for everyone else, so make sure you use your own link rather than mine.

    Open the Kindle Fire Web Browser:

    At the top, where you normally enter the website link like, enter the link from the MP4 Streaming Server. You can skip the http:// part, and if you did not change any settings in the MP4 Streaming Server app (since I didn’t mention anything on that in this guide, I assume you didn’t) you can also skip the :80 at the end, so you can actually type in just the number part ( in my case) but you can of course type in the full link:

    Then just tap “Go”

    Tap on the links to browse your collection. Since I created a playlist “War Movies”, I go into the “Playlists” section:

    then just tap on the playlist you want. Since I created one, I just tap on that.

    and tap on the movie you want to watch:

    It will buffer for a very brief moment, then it will start playing the video:

    To get back to your collection, just tap on the grey bar at the bottom and tap the back arrow:

    and pick another movie/show if you want:


    After installing MP4 Streaming Server, all you need to do is adding MP4 video files to it by dragging them over. You can create playlists to organize your collection into movie groups, TV shows/seasons etc. Then just tap on the green globe button to start the server.

    Visit the webserver on your Kindle Fire (or any other device that has a webbrowser, can play MP4 files and has wifi access) and watch what you want.


    If you already use MP4 Streaming Server you might have noticed I did not mention “enable streaming for PC”. For Kindle Fire playback, this is actually not needed, normal MP4 files (at least ones created by DVD Catalyst) will stream without any additional changes. But, if you use MP4 Streaming Server to provide access to your movies on a different computer, you will have to enable the streaming on your MP4 files. More information can be found on that in the MP4 Streaming Server manual that gets installed with the program.

    Streaming over the internet is possible, however, there are quite a few things to setup and take into account. This will be explained in Part 2 of this guide, somewhere in the next couple of days.

    Playback issues. If you are encountering playback issues like stutter or hickups, make sure that you are using the build-in video player to play the movies and tv shows. It is possible to use “market” players like Mobo player, Rock player and Dice player, however, these video players don’t always use the hardware capabilities of the device to play the videos. If your MP4 files are created using proper settings, the stock player is capable of playing videos of higher quality and resolution than these other players.

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    Thanks for the guide. Got it setup and working now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by crowfax View Post
    Thanks for the guide. Got it setup and working now!
    You are welcome, Glad it helped
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    I've spent all day encoding a bunch of TV show box sets with DVD Catalyst so I can watch them on my Fire this evening!

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    Cool Skifta

    Saw this thread, and just played around with my new Kindle Fire, downloaded Skifta from the Amazon App Market, and also downloaded Skifta to my Windows 7 Laptop, followed the directions on their website, and BANG, done!!

    Apparently this is meant for DNLA streaming to the new TV's, etc. that include that feature, but works great with the KF also, using the Android Skifta app.

    Just now tried streaming music, photos and video, all successfully, without much except the Skifta server on the PC and the Android Client.
    Hope this works for you as well.

    Have at it!!

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    Many thanks for this work of art!

    For quite a while now I've used Freemake video converter on my laptop to reformat. It is the easiest-to-use utility I've ever tried. If you've got a dvd of say, a tv series, it will even rip the episodes individually. It will convert, burn and turn off your computer, if that's what you want. And it handles both NTSC and PAL. I got my copy from cnet (I always do) and it seems to be 100% safe.

    Posted in case someone needs an alternative.

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    Great job with the article. One of the best how-to's I have seen. fdalbor



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