Previously we shared rumors about a budget-friendly (perhaps FREE) Android handset from Amazon, and we also shared rumors about a high-end 3D flagship Android handset from them. Both rumors attempted to refute each other. However, what if it turns out that both are true? That's what the latest intel from the rumor-mill is suggesting. We have some supposed details on both devices.

"Smith" is the codename for the Flagship model, and it will supposedly come with more than just the previously rumored 3D functionality. Supposedly it will contain four cameras and will be able to track your eye and head movements as well. The budget friendly model was denied by Amazon themselves (as was the flagship), yet there are still consistent supply chain reports that Amazon is building it. The only new info in this regard is that it will not be free, as previously suggested, but will simply be very inexpensive.

Both devices are said to come with Amazon's new FireOS, which is (unsurprisingly) a forked version of Android. No other details were shared regarding either model, but we will keep you in the loop if we find out more.

Source: TechCrunch