I purchased an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 a couple of months ago. It has a SPARIN Premium Glass Screen Protector attached. Recently, I purchased a fine pointed Boxwave stylus and later an Aimilcall stylus. Neither fine-point tip stylus will work on any of the "notes" applications (Squid, Notes, Notebook, etc.) I can't get the fine-tip styluses to work, The rubber-tip end on the Boxwave works, as well as my finger.

I also have an Apple i7 iPhone. Both fine-tip styluses work with the Notes application on the iPhone.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a setting on the Fire HD 8 tablet that needs to be changed so the fine-tip styluses will work?

Do I need to change or remove the SPARIN Glass Screen Protector?

There must be something relatively simple that will allow me to use a fine-tip stylus on the HD 8 tablet.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Max250 (aka jplemons3@tx.rr.com)