Ok, need some help here, and trying to google this is driving me nuts.
Have a Kindle Fire HD 8 5th gen (SG98EG) that we got for my wife with internal memory low alerts popping up all the time. It is the 8 gb model that of course reads as 5.6 after format and OS chunk. We bought a 32 gb SD card to handle the lower memory on the device.

What seems to be the issue is that it says it has installed data to the SD card for apps, but instead uses internal memory. For example, just did factory reset and it shows ~4.8 GB free, then downloaded summoners war (the game my kid wants to play and it keeps getting taken off by her mom because of the memory.)

Looking at the data screen for the app, it says overall app size is 1.74GB. It says 22mb of app is on the device, and 1.7GB is on SD. But if I look at the storage screen, it now shows that internal storage is at 2.78 out of 5.6GB and SD has 28.74 out of 28.78GB used. Tested the card with pictures and downloaded files, they go onto the card fine, it is just apps that go wierd. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, have used devices with lower memory for years and never run across a system that says it installed to SD and then put it in internal.