Did some searching but no luck. Tried the Amazon forum, no luck. Here goes: About 3 weeks ago I noticed my shown books began having discrepancies - wrong percentage of read/unread, etc. Also noticed a ghosted, "apps," logo between books on home page. Tapping, back, I'd often get a flash of home page picture, then goes to black screen. Next, when I bought a book, downloaded it normally, it did not appear on home page as they've always done.
By accident I discovered if I swiped over to the, "books," screen, then tapped store, then drop down menu and, "wish list," it would slowly show my recent book when I'd put in my wish list. Next, I tapped buy and brought up purchase screen. I tapped, "buy." It immediately replied that I already bought it, would I like to read it?
Danged right I'd like to read it. Tapped that, and went to the book. Each night I turn off my Fire. Used it next night to read, but now have to repeat above every time to get to my book. I will admit, it does return to proper place in book....thank goodness.
Seems my Kindle is contaminated with something....or dying. Turning if off and on each day should reboot it. I guess there is a hard reset, but I'm afraid I'll loose all my books, etc. Is the hard reset the, "hold down the power button 25 seconds,"??? And will that delete anything?
Any ideas? I'd really appreciate some tips, thank you.