Hello. I'm guessing that one of the applications I installed on my Amazon Kindle Fire 7 is the root of this, but I have had two unsolicited texts on my phone, same Google account for both, that are for subscribed services. The first one incurred a charge, small enough but still unasked for. The second said the first 24 hours were free but that it would be 2.50 a week after. I was given numbers to send STOP messages to, and this is what I of course did promptly. But I'd guess this is going to keep happening.

What's the best thing to do here? Wipe the Kindle and reset it with a new Google account and examine the permissions better when reinstalling apps? What are all the potentially dangerous permissions - i.e. how are they worded exactly?

Is there a way to sort this out without resetting the tablet? There is a number to ring but if these people are devious enough to do this I don't feel hopeful that one call would do anything much. Presumably tracing the app that started this wouldn't help as they already have my details. I'm sure it's common enough that people express the view that Google should be vetting these things better. I knew the phrase 'social engineering' but have still been a bit lax, I accept, but it's more than a little bit annoying - it's theft.

I did briefly look into whether I could just replace Android/Amazon with a Linux distribution but a careful reset and reinstallation would be fine.

I have hacked the tablet to install Google Play and so on but the sources for all this seem trustworthy and common enough.

Thanks for your help.