i'm not from North America, nor does Amazon support my country.

i've read that i would not be able to connect and download applications from the amazon store. i can't even create an amazon account.

however, i did hear that there is a workaround on how to install applications without having to root.

unfortunately, i can't find instructions on how to go about it.

by the way, i don't have a kindle fire just yet. i'm having one brought from the US. but before i do, i want to make sure i find out how to go about the app situation.

i did find this..

First off you have to check your settings. Go to settings, then click More, and this should bring out the full setting menu. Inside that go to Device and then there’s a tab that says Allow Installation of Applications, turn that ON. Then you can download the file browser using the Silk Browswer. After it downloads, open and install (there will be prompts that ask if you want to install). Once that is installed, you can download installers (.apk files) and then access and install them through the file manager.