I have friend who recently bought a new cheap ($60) Kindle Fire that has a port on the side to insert a micro SD card. He bought a 32 GB micro SD card and inserted in the slot. The SD card fit perfectly in the slot. However, when I connect the Kindle to a Windows computer via USB cable, I can only see ( and read/write) to the internal storage. The external SD card does not show up on the Windows computer, so I can't transfer any files to it. Also, if I use ES Explorer app on the Kindle, I can see the SD card (shows as 28 GB free space), but when I try to do a very simple operation, such as create a new folder on SD card, I get an error message that says:
Please choose the root directory SD card (/storage/sd card) of ext SD card to grant ES permission to operate
I'm not sure what to do. There is a very small screenshot that appears on the Kindle to suggest how to solve this problem, but it is so small, that I can't read it.