My six year old daughter recently tried to access my kindle and kept trying the password until it asked to be reset (which she did) No big deal, I like to refresh my software on my devices every so often anyways. The issue is that now that everything is back up and running, I no longer have the swipe down menu bar (no time, battery indicator, etc..) which means I cannot access settings of any kind. I am also missing the right hand bar that contains the home key and back. When selecting apps, I can see the home bar on the right appear for a split second but goes away.
If I access any app what so ever, I have to reboot the kindle in order to be on the home page again. I have talked with Amazon support twice now and they have absolutely no clue what to do and they have never heard of this happening. Since I am outside the one year warranty, they just want to offer me a $379.00 super deal (according to him) to replace it. I have not done anything to the software such as rooting or anything like that, but I do have ES file explorer installed and can access that if it helps. I have manually downloaded the newest software for the device and have transferred the image to the internal storage but the next step is to access settings and click "about" to update which of course, I cannot do.
Any help with this would be appreciated.