I recently acquired a Kindle Fire HDX (via a hotel points program -- and we all know that merchandise available through points programs is usually stuff that isn't selling well), naively thinking that because it was Kindle hardware, it would have the same features as the Kindle e-reader software that runs on my non-Kindle and older Kindle hardware. I was dismayed to discover what many readers of this forum already know: that while Kindle e-reader software syncs last page read across non-Fire Kindles and all non-Kindle android tablets, owners of the expensive Kindle Fires are out of luck.

Does anyone know what Amazon's position is on this? Is it just a stupid oversight that might get fixed, or is it an aggressive marketing tactic intended to force Fire owners to buy Amazon content? I'm not sure which is worse. This whole issue only strengthens my determination never to buy DRM content.

I have scoured about two dozen websites, but none of the solutions I found (use [EBOK] tag, leave Personal Documents tag blank, fix ASIN number, sideload AZW3 file converted by Calibre, etc) works for cross-device page syncing.

I was thinking about posting a request on Task Rabbit for a script or app that would turn a "personal document" (MOBI file) into a file that, when emailed to my send-to-Kindle address, will be identified as a Kindle "book."

If I can't find a solution, I'll be selling my Kindle Fire tablet and buying a NON-Kindle tablet so that my Kindle e-reader software will run properly. How ironic is that??

Does anyone have a solution or know where Amazon stands on this?