Sorry I wasn't specific about my topic, but I'm about to buy either Kindle 2 or Kindle Fire and I have some doubts I wanna solve before I decide wich should I buy. I tried looking for them on the internet, but I got lots of different answers. Here goes what I wanna know.

- I've read somewhere that you can't download some things fully to your Kindle Fire, even if you purchased them. What I heard is that, everytime you want to read a book or play a film, you have to connect to the internet and download it again. Once you've finished reading and turned off your kindle, it would be deleted and you'd have to download again later. Is that true?

- I'm brazilian and there are dozens of classic brazilian titles free on the internet, but in PDF format. With Kindle 2, I could download them and read them as books without any problem. Kindle Fire accepts random PDFs as books or it only reads "official" e-books from Amazon's store?

- What's the size of Kindle Fire's internal HD? Are there different versions?

- I like mangas and many of my favourits haven't even been released in the West. So, I have to download their fan-translated editions. I got a Kindle 2 from a friend and used an app to make the downloaded manga into a book very easily (putting the images in order and all). Can I do the same with Kindle Fire? I mean, taking a group of images and "turning" them into a book?