Hi all,
I can dump anything into my e ink Kindle but it's very tricky getting any book not purchased on amazon to show up in "books" on my HDX 8.9.

I did find and use the tutorial using calibre and the "alf" plugins to remove dRM and get the ability to share. I tried it and indeed got it to work. However, I have a couple books that I converted from ePub and others that show up fine using my regular kindle e ink reader (keyboard) but NOT my Kindle HDX. I convert, using the settings recommended, etc. but still I can only access the book(s) in question (.mobi's) by using ES3 explorer. The problem with that is that I have to actually use a bookmark to save my place!! Imagine that!

I wish there were a "section" of the Kindle Fire tablets that would allow it to "behave" like the more "primitive" e ink reader...I can "bump into a book" with that thing and it will show up! haha.

Any hints to more easily get books to show up on my HDX would be so appreciated.

Thank you in advance.