The last 75 years have been filled

Watch After Earth Online You would need a two-hour standalone movie to properly digest all that is presented on Krypton, from Kal-El being the first “natural” birth in decades to the corruption of the once-mighty planet by flawed leaders who’d rather drill than “look to the stars.” Political and religious allegories mash together, then are discarded for a Jor-El Zod fistfight because, simply, Snyder is including combat at every possible turn to counter Bryan Singer’s pacifist take.

Watch Star Trek into Darkness Online We don’t have two hours, however. We have 15 minutes. Time is a significant problem for Man of Steel. Though the movie runs a hefty 143 minutes, it always feels like it’s in a rush to get to the next pre-determined “important” scene, short-changing each manufactured beat in Superman’s rich story. Sensing that he doesn’t have enough time to elaborate on the emotional ties that bind these characters, Snyder tells us what he thinks we need to know in the first of many long-winded, dry character monologues. These speech passages will destroy any poignant connections attempted to be forged by Crowe, Shannon, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and, most criminally, Kevin Costner.

Watch The East Online Man of Steel changes directions so often, it’s tough to follow and harder to stay invested. Here’s one lengthy example of bad plotting that leads to head-scratching misdirection: Clark Kent (Cavill) is established as a drifter who’s wrestling with internal conflicts but often aids those in need of rescue. While working on a fishing boat, he leaps to a burning oil rig and holds up a massive chunk of crumbling girders long enough for men to escape to safety. Clark ultimately lands in the water, triggering a flashback to his Kansas upbringing. (Goyer used flashbacks in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, but they cut the narrative flow here in ways that create a herky-jerky, stutter-stepping pace.) By the time we catch back up to present day, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is arriving at the frozen sight of a downed spacecraft, and Kent is taking her suitcases off of a helicopter.

Watch Now You See Me Online Wait, what? Kent works for this ice-exploration company now? I mean, yes, Snyder has suggested that he is a man who accepts random jobs a la Bill Bixby in the Hulk television series, but when did he get this job? How did he embed himself in a military chain of command so that he’s able to walk onto the mysterious alien object that’s frozen in ice and retrieve crystals that will turn into his Fortress of Solitude?

This was one of several moments where I just wanted to pause the movie, turn to someone who might have understood it better, and ask, “How the hell did we get to this?” That sensation cropped up often as Man of Steel created resounding questions that worked against the story it said it wanted to tell. The contradictions literally kill Pa Kent in the movie’s clunkiest scene. This noble, pious farmer reminds his adopted son, Clark, at every chance he got that it was up to him to decide what kind of man he wanted to be. Yet, when Clark tries to decide to “reveal” himself and save his father figure in the process, Jonathan Kent waves him off – in the middle of a tornado sequence that’s laughably corny and, at the same time, unfortunately insensitive thanks to recent events in Oklahoma that are obviously outside of Snyder’s control.

Catch McCarthy in Paul Feig’s The Heat when it hits theaters in a couple of weeks on June 28, and soon in Theodore Melfi’s St. Vincent de Van Nuys, which starts shooting this summer. It would be a sincere challenge to find anyone on this planet who isn’t at least vaguely familiar with the name Superman. From ‘it’s a bird, it’s a plane’ to the ‘S’ on his chest to the flowing red cape, he is the classic superhero and one of the most famous pop culture figures of all time.