Hey guys, new to the forum. I searched for a thread related to my problem but couldnt find one. So if there is one, my bad dont mean to make a repeated post. Anyway, i have had my kindle fire for a little over 2 years. The other day i picked it up and it appeared to be in the middle of some automatic update. So i set it down to let it finish. Came back later and it was dead. So i charged it up, and when i turned it on it began to go back through the installation of the update. But i noticed it would stop a little over half way and wouldnt move for hours until it went dead again. So i charged it again, turned it on and the process repeated but this time when it froze in that same spot i held the power button down until it shut off. I left it off for a few minutes and turned it back on and it still went right back to freezing a little over half way through. Even kept on charge it would set there for a day. I cant get it off this screen. Is there any way to solve this? Would rooting it take it off that screen and prevent it from that? Could there be anything corrupted? Thanks in advance for taking time to read. Any and all help would be appreciated.