Hello all, and I want to start by saying I am not a tech saving person, and after what my son did to my Kindle Fire neither is he. He tried to "Root" or what ever it is called my device and now it is a boat anchor and I am a little upset. I get it to come on and the Kindle Fire (blue) comes on the Kindle Fire (orange) and that is it. it has been on the latter for 2 days now.

I was tod by him trying to "Root" the device i am SOL for support as they will say that I am out of warranty even though my fire is only 2 months old. I really miss my fire and need to get it back, I have read all that I can find or so I thought then came across this place and maybe I can get some help, I have tried a hard re-boot and all.

I should also let you know I am on a mac not a PC, I see that a lot of the stuff about this is for a PC.