Fellow Users,

Thank you in advance for your help. I own a Kindle Fire v.7.5. I have the following issue: certain (perhaps the majority) of my downloaded books allow me to tap the centre of the page and settings comes up immediately including Aa for changing font size. However, a recent purchase, with a tiny font, does this: when I tap, the settings tab is not there and has been replaced by the GoTo page or location tab. There is no Settings tab. I can increase font size by using two fingers and expanding, but the text then exceeds the frame of the device and it becomes impossible to swipe to the next page as well. As further information, I also have an earlier Kindle Paperwhite. The book in question, my most recent purchase, appears there, but when I click to open it, it says "Unavailable for Download. This item is not compatible with this device".

Can anyone explain this all to me? Is there an issue with my Fire, or are there books that do not allow you to access the full range of features/settings. A prompt reply would be appreciated as it arrived yesterday and I may be able to return it for refund and order a print version instead.