Hello Forum,

I've been trying to sort out what's going on with my Kindle, and unfortunately Amazon customer support just hasn't been able to help. I have a Fire HD 8 (7th Gen).

Originally, my problem manifested as this:

Downloaded music will not play correctly unless my wifi is enabled. I can sometimes trick individual songs to play, sometimes not. If I can get an individual song to play, then it will stop when progressing to the next song. Either it will say "Wifi connection required," or throw an error that's usually 181.

This kind of defeats the purpose of downloading the music. I have my Kindle all set up with my account as an approved device, and am a Prime member. I do not have Unlimited, but these are not unlimited songs.

But then a second issue has surfaced, I believe. It looks like my Kindle is refusing to update the OS software. It shows as being on Fire OS Amazon says is the latest version. But checking for Updates shows no options. Manually adding the update file to the Kindle via my computer also does not give the Update option.

Has anyone encountered these problems before? I'm at wits end trying to solve it. I got passed around to four different reps in chat this last time, with no help. I'd like to not have to do a factory reset or send it in if possible. I tried booting up in safe mode already to see if there's a third party app conflict, to no avail.

Thanks for any help people can offer, I appreciate it.