I posted this query in the audio forum, but didn't get any replies. I'll try, here.

I've transferred *.mp3 files to my Kindle Fire many times without a hitch. But, something happened that has me baffled. Last night I copied seven *.mp3 files from my computer to a subdirectory under music via USB cable. The computer "sees" all seven on the Kindle and can play them via the computer's speakers; however, the kindle only lists three files in that album.

Now, get this: Those four "invisible" files were on the Kindle, before, and it displayed and played them just fine; however, I deleted that album for housekeeping. Even though the Kindle displayed them, before, after copying to a new album, it doesn't show those four files.

Those for "missing" files show up in the "Latest Additions" playlist, buried way down in the list; but, I need to access them quickly from an album.

I'm at my wit's end. Any ideas?