We are going to roll out KF in a 1-1 for our Freshman class next year. It is basically for a reading class but the kids will be allowed to keep them all year as long as they are enrolled in that class. It may not work for us and I am looking for clarification on how to make it work as we would like.

The school would have an account through which we would register all of the kindles and purchase the books for the reading class. We would like the students to be able to download apps and books of their own on the Kindle for the year that it is "theirs". Is there a way to have the school books remain on the kindle while switching it over to a student's account to allow them to put their own stuff on it also?

I know we can deregister it from the school and the student can reregister it with their own account.....but won't this pull the school's books off of it?

How have other schools achieved this?

Thanks for any insights as we look into this.