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Fire will not power up!

This is a discussion on Fire will not power up! within the Amazon Kindle Fire Help forums, part of the Amazon Kindle Fire Forum category; I turned off my Fire last night, and put it on the charger. Now this morning I cannot power it up. When I hit the ...

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    Fire will not power up!

    I turned off my Fire last night, and put it on the charger. Now this morning I cannot power it up. When I hit the power button the green light comes on but goes right back off. Any suggestions??

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    try the hard reset, hold the power button down for 30 seconds or so

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    Just experienced the same problem with this myself and the hard reset seemed to do the trick. Curious how many others have had this happen to theirs.

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    The problem noted above is fairly common. Based on a very similar problem with several Android smartphones, I'm inclined to believe the problem often stems from the actual battery power available and the battery calibration firmware/software getting "out of sync." When the synchronization is severely out of whack the KF may believe it does not have sufficient battery power when it does or vice versa. If the problem happens more than very occasionally (it has happened to me twice in four months), you might try the following.

    () Turn the KF completely OFF! Not "sleeping." Turn it OFF.
    () Charge completely for several hours (overnight is ideal.)
    () Use the KF normally until it reaches the critically low state (15% battery power remaining.)
    () Turn it OFF and charge completely once again.

    This should "calibrate" the battery monitoring software/firmware.

    In the future, do NOT allow the KF to discharge completely. Lithium ion batteries don't like that. About once a month follow the procedure above. (For the record Apple recommends this procedure for the iPad but other than mentioning battery "calibration," they don't indicate why.)

    I won't go into the details about the reasons this occurs but if you're interested take a look at Basic to Advanced Battery Information from Battery University. Long story short. The "battery remaining" monitor on the KF (and other L-ion) devices don't actually measure remaining battery power. Instead, it measures the current voltage and extrapolates from that figure to calculate a % remaining figure by looking at a stored profile of prior use. If the profile is inaccurate, the device can operate unpredictably.

    P.S. Been using various android devices for several years. Not sure if it truly helps, but I've found that occasional "hard reboots" maintains performance. May be nothing more than the feeling you get that your car runs better after a wash, but it doesn't hurt.

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    It is indeed a battery calibration "bug" with certain Android devices. My Galaxy Tab suffered from it until the last firmware update. It didn't happen but a few times
    In essence,when the battery gets full,the device freezes up after the charge stops,like any other freeze on any device. Since it is asleep when it happens it mimicks the dreaded "black screen of death " but it is just a normal freeze up and a reboot by holding the power button for 20-30 seconds is the solution until Amazon fixes the bug. Unplug the offending device first.
    Fwiw, 4.2 firmware on my ipad did the same thing occasionally.

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