Im confused and frustrated. Hopefully someone has heard of this problem.

I registered my wife's kindle seperately. I wanted to put the apps the kids play on mine onto hers. I tried DLing them from androids site.she had previously DLed apps to her samsung phone. I'm guessing that's the reason for this problem. Anyway when I try to install there is no kindle recognized, only samsung in the device list. I hit install anyway trying to put OPERA MOBILE onto her kindle but it installed onto her phone. I deregistered, then registered as a 2nd kindle, but any app I dl installed on the 1st kindle.

Any thots? Id like to add, 1st kindle is rooted. I was trying not to root wife's. Would 1 rooted and 2 unrooted matter? I would not think it mattered.

I am quite frustrated. I even spoke to a "kindle expert" via phone. She could not understand my problem. Every single way I go about this I'm stimied one way er another.