While we often felt the need to check

This is moving things merrily right along. While we often felt the need to check our in previous seasons, in tonight’s, our attention was commanded pretty much from the start. We think it’s because the writers acknowledge, through a bit of useful dialogue from Tara, that things have ALWAYS tended to be about Sookie and that can get KIND of boring for the viewer. No longer. New characters and plotlines are swiftly shifting the ratio and we are grateful.
Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.The evolution of Pam. Who knew Pam could be such a good mother? Whether it’s rescuing/evicting Tara from the tanning bed (just — ow) or standing up to Eric, she’s returned to her feisty self.Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 On the spectrum of soap opera-like dialogue, her and Eric’s lines seem to be the most real, especially when he releases her. Last season it seemed like writers left their s to the night before and realized they really ought to get to work after throwing back a few. This season and is especially seem to have been thought out in advance.“Congratulations, you’re a grandfather” uttered in that utterly, utterly dry way was perfect.Remember when Eric had long hair and sat upon that very throne? Sigh. Just more Eric, please.Scott Foley, whose name on the show we still haven’t bothered to learn because, well, why, is on the road with Terry. The flashback scene here — a hallmark of PTSD — is especially gripping, and made us think of Showtime’s “Homeland.” We will now take the opportunity to request inter-network cooperation and have Claire Danes appear on True Blood as a vampire.
Even if we do get tired of her, drunk Sookie, newly dubbed “the Angel of Death,”Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 was a refreshing part of this . In true “Gossip Girl” fashion, Sookie gets to link up with yet another unattached gentleman on this show now that she’s done with Bill and Eric, but this particular match felt overdue so we were OK with it. And look, Bill’s taking a page out of Edward Cullen’s book and Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 ing creepily outside the window.
The Authority showdown. We’re still fascinated by this child, especially since he’s been revealed to be the traitor. Way to work in real-life notes with that homage to a YouTube clip gone viral, True Blood. Even more interesting is Roman’s resort to ruthless fear-mongering after he explodes the traitor. Roman and Crew are supposed to working toward an equitable, fair end for humans and vampires. The show forces us to ask how long a progressive society can tolerate regressive means to getting there. Roman is slowly turning into a tyrant — but one who wants rights for all. Does this seem troublesome to you, viewers? Or not easily reconciled?
The show’s subtle irreverence is getting more and more enjoyable. “I know the guy who wrote it and he was high the whole time,” one of the chancellors says about the vampire bible.The faerie angle. Did the set designers have a limited budget and need to re-use props from Fangtasia? That entire scene felt like a cross of the vampire bar with, we don’t know, some lost aerialists from Cirque du Soleil. While we appreciate that supernatural gatherings tend to be exercises in heathen bacchanalia, there needs to be something distinguishing about them from group to group. So far we haven’t really gotten a whiff of the sinister side of faeries that appears in the books. Hopefully we will soon.
Here’s the problem with glamouring. It’s enjoyable to Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 8 , but it’s used as a deus ex machina either way too little or way too much. With the power that comes with it, you wonder why the vampires don’t use it more often. The real answer: it would make the show boring, so writers can only whip it out at important moments. Still, precisely because it has to be used sparingly, it feels like a narrative copout.
Lafayette. He sees Sookie’s car, scratches his nails along it, levitates it then rips out the brakes. It appears the writers did not take our concerns from the previous into consideration, as look, here is that silly mask again. What the show is missing is that creepiness factor. You that scene and laugh instead of cringe. Let’s amp up the fear factor, writers.