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When to buy the Fire?

This is a discussion on When to buy the Fire? within the Amazon Kindle Fire General Discussions forums, part of the Amazon Kindle Fire Forum category; Originally Posted by Kindler and Gentler I've had a DX for a couple of years. But my wife has gotten hooked on it. I'm ready ...

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Thread: When to buy the Fire?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kindler and Gentler View Post
    I've had a DX for a couple of years. But my wife has gotten hooked on it. I'm ready to buy a Fire, but I understand a new model may be out in two or three months. The first Fire's price may be reduced some by then. The refurbs are currently $169 and have been as low as $139 a month or so ago.

    Any advice on "when to buy" relative to when the new model will come out? Not knowing how Fire 2 might be different, I'm not sure if I'd rather have the 2 at full price (whatever that may be) or the 1 at a discounted price. Oh, such decisions!

    One of my concerns is the limited, unexpandable onboard storage and whether the Cloud storage will meet my needs. There are a lot of WiFi hotspots around town. And I may use it principally around the house. But I'm wondering if the limited on-board storage space has been a problem for anyone. What are your usage patterns or workarounds?

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    Before buying my Fire I posted a thread on the memory and has it been a problem.
    What others have stated has been true for me as well, that being the limited memory hasn't been a problem at all and I've also found most of my uses don't need any data network either.
    I've got over 100 apps installed and babe only used about half the app memory. I've got about a dozen songs,100+ photos,a movie and a couple of TV shows, and some documents and sill have over half the other memory left as well.
    Apps like Color Notes, Percentage Calculator, Kindle app , different games, etc don't need Wi-Fi and I use them a lot .

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    Extending Mark's comments, I think some of the concern about on-board storage may represent a sort of "mine's bigger than your's" issue. I'm sure I'm not a typical user but I'm also not that unusual in the sense that I have several devices with far more storage than I really need. For example, I have a desktop and a laptop, each with at least 400 gigs of local storage, an iPad with 64 gigs plus iCloud, a smartphone with 32 gigs (and a repeatedly annoying offer from Verizon to back up my phone's storage in their cloud), cloud storage with 100 gigs of storage capacity via SugarSync, and the KF with its 6 gigs of storage and the Amazon cloud.

    In short, the problem is not having enough storage; it's deciding what to keep where. When I got the KF I decided to give more thought to what I wanted to do with it and what I really wanted to manage (redundantly) on the device. I decided, for example, that I wasn't going to store 2500 songs on the KF (a 20 gig hit on the iPad.) Do I really want to carry around 150 books on the KF? Yeah, I typically read 3 or 4 books at a time but is there really any point in maintaining my entire library on the KF all the time? I've purchased well over 250 Android apps over the last couple of years but do I really want to have the vast majority of them on both my phone and my KF?

    In short, I decided to view the KF in the same way I look at the bag I need when I travel. I don't pack my entire wardrobe in a steamer trunk every time I go on a week long trip. Instead I pull a couple of movies from the ripped versions I store on my desktop or rent a couple from Amazon. Take along a hundred songs or so. Download an audio book I'm reading (Moby Dick currently), and the fifty or so apps I maintain on the KF. That leaves well over half of my measly 6 gigs of storage still available.

    If I run out of underwear or need an extra shirt when I travel, I typically buy what I need. And if I happen to need some content when I'm traveling I download it or wait a few hours until I'm in a spot where I can do so. I might have a six to eight hour plane trip without easy wifi access (especially for streaming) but that doesn't mean I need 32 gigs of storage on the KF to make it to my destination.

    As I said, I realize I have more gadgets (and need more gadgets as a result of my work) than the average consumer. But I think if most people people think about their actual needs and requirements rather than planning to put every single piece of content they might ever need on a device like the KF, they'll find they need far less than they realize.


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