if you want me share with you one thing ,i must chose this game.

''Galaxy Clash : Sonic Fighter Vs The Space Plague Clans - from Panda Tap Games inc''

I really think this is a good game . It's cool.



This is bullet hell adventure wars at its best. Station yourself on the frontier of war and save our homeworld in GALAXY CLASH : SONIC FIGHTER VS SPACE PLAGUE

Your quest is to command your elite sonic fighter, dash through the stars, and wipeout the galactic plague before they wipeout life on planet Earth.
> Amazing arcade style visuals and sound
> Lots of levels to play through
> 4 ships to unlock, all with different weapons and special power ups
> Get free lives, weapon upgrades, by using coins. Collect them in the game.
> Players who love other space wars shooters like Zaxxon, Shogun, and Dodonpachi Resurrection will love this game too.

>>>>> "truly cool bullet hell shooting, almost impossible haha i love these types of games" - warhammer king - June, 2, 2013

>>>>> "really like the art style in this game - reminds me of galaxian. usually i dont play space shooters now but ive enjoyed this one a lot" - street exo 97 - June, 3, 2013