When I got my KF last year, my daughter started playing Ice Age Village while I was visiting. She has developed a large village on my KF, but now has a KFHD of her own and does not want to start over. I live in South Carolina and she lives in Michigan, so until the next visit the two KFs will not be at the same location for any direct transfer (if that is even possible).

My thought is to copy the files for Ice Age Village from my KF, burn them onto a data CD and send it to her. She can then install the game from Amazon, connect the KFHD to her computer, and replace the files for the new install of Ice Age Village with the ones copied from my KF.

Is there any reason the above process will not work? Will making the attempt cause any harm or damage to her KFHD?

Has anyone transferred an in-progress game from one device to another?