Hello all!

We are proud to announce our newest app, Knight's K'west, which is now available for the Kindle Fire!

We've done tons of work to make sure that everyone has fun playing this addictive game.
Watch the trailer here:

Here is the description:

The king needs more purple bacon for his breakfast! He has ordered his knight’s on a perilous journey to find the rare pigs! Help the knight’s bridge the gap and get to the other side where the purple pigs reside! Be careful, don’t let the knight’s sink into the mud! Be watchful for incoming objects - some may help you in your “K’west”, and others may not. How many knight’s can you save?

Knight’s K’west Highlights:
Two game modes: Arcade and Endless
Arcade: You have 60 seconds to get as many knight’s across as you can!
Endless: You have 3 lives to get as many knight’s across as you can! Objects can help, or hurt your chances at a high score. Be careful!
Beautiful crisp graphics
Addictive gameplay
Objects to collect and help you achieve a higher score
Objects to avoid, these will hurt your chances at a high score

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We would love for you to take a look! We know you'll love the game!

Here is the link for the game itself:
Amazon.com: Knight's K'west: Appstore for Android


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