I have two kindle fires (not HD) and was wondering if I download an app on one kindle fire, is there a way to make that app unavailable on second kindle? Example, I would like to download the AOL email app for my email. The two kindle fires are synced, which is fine. They are both on the same account. I want to know if they choose to use that same app on the second kindle are they getting my logon info? I know once I download an app to one kindle fire it is available to second kindle fire via cloud. Does it show up on their home page that I downloaded it? If they decide to use it, does it have my information already backfilled in it? Same with facebook app. Does it require a login on both once it is downloaded, either by cloud or app store? What happens if we want to both use the facebook app on each kindle fire with different facebook logins? If I download the facebook app on one, becomes available on second and they click on it and it opens my facebook? Same with email app.