Hi. Hope someone out there could help me out. I just bought a new 5th gen Kindle fire. I had a 1St gen fire and I loved it, but since the apps won't update to that fire(and haven't for a while) I thought I would upgrade...especially since they were on sale this black Friday. Some of the apps on my old fire I loved were my audio streaming apps...specifically Pandora and TunedIn. I loaded these apps on my new fire and lo and behold...neither of them worked. Pandora would just sit there forever showing what song it was playing, but no sound came out of the speakers. The songs would change, but never any sound. Tuned in would get to the point where I could select the station I wanted to listen to, but it would not go any further. I would get a blank screen and nothing else. One of the things I was looking forward to on this new fire was to be able to use the Bluetooth to listen to my music on my speaker (the 1st gen one I had didn't have Bluetooth). Can anyone help me out here? Before you ask....yes, I do have the sound turned up. And yes, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps to see if something went wrong in the installation.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me