Just today, we released our game Block Story.

You can get a lite and full version in Amazon app store

Could you ever imagine what may be more epic ...
Than, stone by stone, build your house.
Protect your home with a weapon in your hand.
And one day ... Resist evil, unseen until now.
Fight and win!
Hunt for unknown monsters! On land and under water
Choose the path of creation ... Or destroy everything in your path!
Explore a truly infinite world.
Take off into the sky!
Choose the type of weapon that fits you and develop your skills to perfection.
But always be ready to meet with something that will kill you with no hesitation

Some screenshots to show the features:

Biomes, here showing a jungle
Lively beautiful and dangerous underwater
Mountains and epic landscapes
Infinite terrain even up and down, with floating islands
Spells and minerals you can mine
Some 85 epic creatures
Build whatever you can imagine
With colored lights
With amazing biodiversity even up in the air
All the way down to hell with demons

Besides what is shown in the screenshots, there are more features, like
* 25 Quests
* Store
* Flying
* Multiple swords
* Multiple staffs
* Bow and arrow
* Crafting with built in recipe book

We hope you enjoy this game as much as we enjoyed developing it.

We will be developing more features in the near future, like:
* Doors
And many many others

Here is our trailer showing game play.