I've been experimenting with using apps, and did some searching around and I wanted to share (what I think is) this golden little nugget I came across. I play MMO's with my friends and recently, my computer has been running really sluggish when I run both programs (whatever game, and vent). It's really annoying that I cannot talk to my friends while partying together to kill monsters and PvP so I wondered to myself 'Can vent run on a Kindle Fire?' Yes. Yes it can. You can also talk. No joke. So if you are a gamer like myself and love talking to your guildies in vent, or you jusy use vent in general, this might be a fun application for you. This is what the steps I had to do to achieve it:

Step 1: Download Mangler
This application can be found on the Android Market (not the Kindle App Store) but it will not download to your KF. So here's the APK I uploaded for you guys for easy convenience! (click here)

Step 2: Download ES File Explorer
This application helps find all your files in a jiffy, you will need this to find Mangler once you transfer it on your KF. You can find this application on Kindle App Store and Android Market.

Step 3: Plug your KF to your PC
Then take Mangler's APK file and toss it on your device. I didn't have to place it in any particular folder.

Step 4: Run ES File Explorer
It will bring up all the KF's folders on your device. Look for Mangler App and run it. After that, you just input your server's info.

Step 5: Get to jawing!
How does the talking part work? I read through this forum's post about headset mics. Making it short, you would want to purchase a headset + mic combo that are made for cell phones. As normally, regular headsets with mics and two plugs and the KF has one. I tested this theory with my room mates headset she loaned to me and it works! Now I can game with my friends and chat with them without my computer being bogged down. I hope this little 'how to' guide helps you guys. It was very enlightening for me.